Press Release 2014-15 GCSE

GCSE Results August 2015

Once again, our students’ attainment at GCSE was outstanding, reflecting the hard work of our pupils and the careful support and guidance our staff have given them. In the national context of grade boundaries tightening further and top grades being adversely affected in many subject areas including English, mathematics and the sciences, this is a particularly pleasing set of results for the school.

We were extremely pleased to see that 97% of our students achieved 5A*-C grades with 95% achieving 5A*-C grades including English and Mathematics.  45% of our students achieved five or more A* and A grades and 40% of total entries were awarded an A*/A grade.  As the Norton Knatchbull School is a Language and Science College, we are also delighted that 72% achieved one or more A*-C grade in a Modern Foreign Language and 93% of our students achieved two or more A*-C grades in Science. Our students also did exceptionally well in Mathematics, achieving a 98% pass rate overall, with 57% achieving A* or A grades.  In addition, 67% of our cohort attained the English Baccalaureate (ie achieved an A*-C grade in: English; Mathematics; two Sciences; a Language and a Humanities subject).

A number of our students have obtained exceptional results, achieving 8 or more A*/A grades, including at least 1 A* grade, and deserve a special mention:


11 A* grades and 1 A grade:  Izaak Cobb;

9 A* grades and 3 A grades:  Jacob Lincoln;

8 A* grades and 4 A grades:  Oliver Tushingham;

7.5 A* grades and 4 A grades: Thomas Bobeldijk;

1 Distinction (GCSE Further Mathematics), 6 A* grades and 6 A grades:  Harjan Khaira;

7 A* grades and 4.5 A grades:  Hira Ramful;

7 A* grades, 4 A grades and 0.5 B grade:  Thomas Tinker;

7 A* grades, 2.5 A grades and 2 B grades:  Thomas Alderson;

6 A* grades, 5 A grades, 2 B grades and 1 grade A at AS level:  Harry Field;

6.5 A* grades, 4 A grades and 1 B grade:  Thomas Evans;

5.5 A* grades, 4 A grades and 1 B grade:  Caillan Lovell;

5 A* grades and 6.5 A grades:  Thomas Bishop;

4 A* grades and 8 A grades:  Nadeem Kydd and Adam Young;

4 A* grades, 6.5 A grades and 1 B grade:  Harry Taunton;

4 A* grades, 4 A grades, 2 B grades and 1 C grade: Jonathan Parsons;

3 A* 6 A grades, 2.5 B grades:  Craig Spooner;

3 A* grades, 5 A grades, 3.5 B grades:  Nathan Burnham and Richard Williams;

2 A* grades, 8 A grades and 1.5 B grades:  Jackson Clark;

2 A* grades, 7 A grades, 2 B grades and 1 C grade: Todd Rawlins;

2 A* grades, 6.5 A grades, 2 B grades and 1 C grade:  Adam Draper-Lewis;

1.5 A* grades, 7 A grades, 2 B grades and 1 C grade: James Sanders;

1 A* grade; 9 A grades, 2 B grades and 0.5 C grade:  Renas Ercan;

1 A* grade, 9 A grades 1 B grade and 0.5 C grade:  Benjamin Uden;

1 A* grade, 7.5 A grades and 3 B grades:  Samuel Jarvis;

1 A* grade, 8.5 A grades and 2 B grades:  Ethan Bridge;

1 A* grade, 8 A grades and 2.5 B grades:  Joseph Elgar and Oliver Stewart;

1 A* grade, 8 A grades, 0.5 B grade and 2 C grades:  Callum Simmonett;


Many congratulations to all of our Year 11 students and a huge “thank you” to all members of staff who helped to make these results happen. We are immensely proud of our students’ achievements and look forward to welcoming them back into our sixth form.

A special mention must also go to our Year 10 students who are already on the road to success at GCSE. Every student achieved at least a C grade in GCSE Statistics with 95% achieving a grade A*-B and a staggering 63% of grades at A*/A.  In addition, seven Year 10 students have studied short course GCSE Classical Civilisation as an enrichment activity and all have secured a grade C or above, with 86% of the grades being A*-B and 43% A*/A.  We have no doubt that all students will do superbly well in their remaining GCSE examinations in Year 11.

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