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Medical Society

The Norton Knatchbull Medical Society has been set up to support students who wish to pursue a career in medicine, veterinary medicine or dentistry.   In addition to guest speakers events, we meet fortnightly (Friday week A, in Q3) to discuss the latest in medical science, the NHS,  different university courses and how best to prepare for the UKCAT and BMAT(biomedical admissions tests).  We also endeavour to support and guide students in finding valuable volunteering and work experience, and give them opportunities within the society to develop their team working and leadership skills. 
Guest speakers so far; 
Louis Yssennagger, 3rd year medical student at QMUL, St Bartholomew's.
Daniel Curry, 1st year medical student at UCL
Christy Varghese, 2nd year medical student at the University of Manchester
Mr Nick Williams, Consultant Surgeon
Upcoming speaker (March 9th) ;  Dr Rachel Pudney, ex-RAF doctor