Work Experience

At NKS we pride ourselves on delivering a bespoke curriculum enabling our students to gain the skills necessary to be competitive and allow progression to the next level of education, a traineeship or apprenticeship, or other employment.

We encourage all of our students to undertake a period of meaningful work experience.  This can be achieved by using time within the weekly timetable/structure, the enrichment time within the timetable, within the focused enrichment week at the end of the summer term, during school holidays. 

Professor Alison Wolf, in her Review of vocational education (2011), recommended that study programmes should be introduced to offer students breadth and depth, without limiting their options for future study or work. Professor Wolf also recommended that in order to enhance their employability skills, all young people should be able to gain real experience and knowledge of the workplace.

Most students benefit from work experience to inform career choices, develop the relevant occupational skills and help instil the attitudes and behaviours expected at work.

Work experience can take many forms including work tasters, participation in social action projects, or a work placement.

Work experience should be an integral part of most students’ study programme and in particular for students choosing to enter a particular occupation or profession.   

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