Student Leadership


The Norton Knatchbull Grammar School is committed to ensuring all students and staff members feel safe, happy and secure when at school.  One aspect that we are very proud of is our Student Leadership Team.  

We have a Senior Prefect Team which consists of the House Captain and Deputy House Captain.  Followed by the Senior Prefect Team who are here to support the younger students at NKS.  In addition, we also offer positions of responsibility to Subject Prefects.  You are invited to run for the positions in term 3/4 in time to begin your duties at the end of year 12. 

The prefect teams are managed overall by the School Captain and the Deputy School Captain(s). 

Students take on roles and responsibilities of leadership and are commited to being ambassadors for the school and to raising standards at a whole school level. 

We have 6 Houses:  APPS, BARRETT, BURRA, HARPER, KNATCHBULL and LAMPREY.  In September 2016 we also welcomed a Year 7 cohort into a new house of WOODWORTH.  





James Pryor

Head Boy

Charlotte Cooper

Head Girl





Benjamin Riggs

House Captain

Ashleigh Ansell

Deputy House Captain & Year 9 (G6) L Todd

Jonathan Parsons

Current Year 8 (B26) N Moreira

Masnun Siddiquee

Current Year 11 (S1) J Conway

Harry Field

Current Year 10 (Q10) S Neale

Dylan Laing

Current Year 7 (M13) C Herbert

Charlotte McGowan



Jackson Clark

House Captain

Richard Williams

Deputy House Captain & Year 7 (S5) S Tummon

Thomas Alderson

Current Year 8 (B7) C Patch

Hira Ramful

Current Year 9 (G5) J Du Plooy

James Amos

Current Year 11 (B2) R Ware & A Hibberd


Current Year 10 (F7) P O’Connor




Rebekah Jones

House Captain

Jacob Lincoln

Deputy House Captain & Year 7 (B5) D Irwin

Lewis King

Current Year 8 (M17) W Trafford

Sam Phelan

Current Year 10 (S6) A Hunt

Lewis Rampton

Current Year 9 (M3) Mrs Nelson


Current Year 11 (B6) R Deo





Bryony Saunders

House Captain

Jess Haydock

Deputy House Captain & Year 10 (M4) E Dryland

George Hoffman

Current Year 8 (F2) M Hammond

Kristian Richards

Current Year 9 (G3) C Anderson & D Gooch

George Khoo

Current Year 7  (B29) A Diaz

Cameron Osmundsen

Current Year 11 (B2) S Silvester




Samuel Bunn

House Captain

Henry Hadaway-Glancey

Deputy House Captain & Year 11 (F3) I Armbruster

Caillan Lovell

Current Year 10 (B40) G Benwell

Joe Bird

Current Year  8 (B32) E Gratzkowski & C Dookhun

Amaan Sheikh

Current Year 7 (B30) J Bright

Guochen Duong

Current Year 9 (S4) J Smal

Louis Howell



Greg Filmer & Megan Waller

House Captain

Ben Uden

Deputy House Captain

Billy Yates

Current Year 9 (F8) K Thakur

(Greg Filmer)

Current year 8 (B35) R Bristow & F Cotterill

Joe Elgar

Current year 10 (M15) T Brady

Megan Waller

Current Year 7 (G3) A Pugh




Max Reid-Williams  (M22) C Duncalf Year 7