School Policies and Parental Guides

Name Date File Size Category  
Absence and Special Leave 11th Oct 2016482 KBStaff Policies Download
Admissions - Secondary 11th Jun 2014229 KBPolicies Download
Allegations of Abuse against Staff in Sc... 1st Dec 2016365 KBPolicies Download
Anti-Bribery Policy 11th Oct 2016265 KBStaff Policies Download
Anti-bullying Policy 14th May 2014177 KBPolicies Download
Assessment for Learning Policy - October... 1st Dec 2016185 KBPolicies Download
Behaviour Policy 11th Jan 2017442 KBPolicies Download
Capability Policy and Procedure October... 1st Dec 2016248 KBPolicies Download
Charging and Remissions Policy Sept 2012 30th Jan 2013177 KBPolicies Download
Child Protection Policy 11th Oct 2016311 KBStaff Policies Download
Complaints Procedure 11th Jan 2017364 KBPolicies Download
Dealing with allegations against teacher... 11th Oct 2016299 KBStaff Policies Download
Dealing with Persistent or Vexatious Com... 27th Aug 2014411 KBPolicies Download
DisabilityandEqualityPolicy2011 11th Oct 2016247 KBPolicies Download
Disciplinary policy and procedure Octobe... 1st Dec 2016364 KBPolicies Download
Drugs Policy Jan 14 11th Jun 2014401 KBPolicies Download
Employer Policy Statement - The Local Go... 11th Oct 2016220 KBStaff Policies Download
Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy... 1st Dec 2016215 KBPolicies Download
Equality in Employment Policy Sep 2012 11th Oct 2016355 KBStaff Policies Download
Fairness at Work Policy Sept 2012 11th Oct 2016328 KBStaff Policies Download
Finance Policy 11th Oct 2016227 KBStaff Policies Download
Fraud Policy 11th Oct 2016169 KBStaff Policies Download
Freedom of Information Act 2000 - Access... 11th Oct 2016423 KBStaff Policies Download
Grievance Policy and Procedure October 2... 1st Dec 2016219 KBPolicies Download
HealthSafetypolicy May 2012 11th Oct 2016828 KBStaff Policies Download
HometoSchoolContract2011 30th Jan 2013159 KBPolicies Download
Homework Policy 2nd Oct 2015202 KBPolicies Download
Inclusion Policy 250412 30th Jan 2013197 KBPolicies Download
Initial Teacher Training Handbook 11th Oct 2016155 KBStaff Policies Download
IT and E-Safety Policy March 2015 11th Oct 2016256 KBPolicies Download
Literacy Policy 201112 30th Jan 2013233 KBPolicies Download
Looked After Children Policy 250412 30th Jan 2013171 KBPolicies Download
Managing Racial Incidents Policy May 201... 30th Jan 2013367 KBPolicies Download
NKS Minibuses POLICY - Jan 2015 11th Oct 2016367 KBStaff Policies Download
NQT MENTOR HANDBOOK 11th Oct 2016316 KBStaff Policies Download
Numeracy Policy 22nd Jun 2013230 KBPolicies Download
Pay and Reward Policy 11th Oct 2016550 KBStaff Policies Download
PerformanceManagement Policy Sept 2012 30th Jan 2013416 KBPolicies Download
Privacy Notice 2013 23rd Jul 2013187 KBPolicies Download
Procedure for Redundancy and Redeploymen... 11th Oct 2016287 KBStaff Policies Download
Pupil Premium Strategy October 2016 1st Dec 2016195 KBPolicies Download
Recruitment and Induction Policy Jan 201... 11th Jun 2014251 KBPolicies Download
Reserves Policy 2012 30th Jan 2013136 KBPolicies Download
Rewards Policy 2015 v2 16th Jun 2015482 KBPolicies Download
Risk Management Policy 2012 30th Jan 2013177 KBPolicies Download
Safeguarding in Recruitment Policy Octob... 1st Dec 2016364 KBPolicies Download
SEN Policy Oct 2016 1st Dec 2016413 KBPolicies Download
SexandRelationshipEducationPolicyJune201... 30th Jan 2013345 KBPolicies Download
SingleEqualityPolicy 30th Jan 2013250 KBPolicies Download
Sixth Form Admissions Policy Sept 2012 30th Jan 2013135 KBPolicies Download
SpiritualMoralPolicyApril2012 30th Jan 2013169 KBPolicies Download
Staff Code of Conduct October 2016 1st Dec 2016328 KBPolicies Download
Staff Disciplinary and Managing Poor Per... 30th Jan 2013464 KBPolicies Download
Staff Dress Code Policy 11th Oct 2016175 KBStaff Policies Download
Staff Wellbeing Policy 11th Oct 2016296 KBStaff Policies Download
STUDENT VOICE AND SCHOOL COUNCIL POLICY... 30th Jan 201396 KBPolicies Download
Teaching and Learning Policy Jan 2014 11th Jun 2014459 KBPolicies Download
the school admissions admission arrangem... 30th Jan 2013255 KBPolicies Download
Uniform and Sixth Form Dress Code Policy 19th Jan 2015384 KBPolicies Download
Whistle Blowing policy May 2012 11th Oct 2016234 KBStaff Policies Download