BBC School Report

The BBC School Report is coming! On the 15th March 2018, students from The Norton Knatchbull School will have the opportunity to research the news, to edit and proofread stories, and then to upload them to the BBC. Some of these may even end up on the BBC News Channel.

Club starting soon!

Who? Anyone in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

When? There will be a lunchtime club, every Wednesday after the October half term, in  B8. It will run from 1.30 until 2.00pm, giving you time to get lunch first. You can produce and upload stories throughout the school year. 

Why? Maybe you love writing. Maybe you have a fascination with current affairs. Maybe you are invested in local issues, or national ones. Maybe you love English. Maybe you just want to be on the internet, or maybe the TV. It doesn't matter—just think how much fun the experience will be, and how good it will look on your UCAS Statement and your CV! ​​

How will it work? I will oversee the club and the BBC School Report day. Our intrepid Year 12s will be the editors; they'll decide which stories we report, proof read copy and will set deadlines. Other years will be the reporters, newsreaders, and researchers. On the 15th March, those involved will be off timetable and reporting the news. There will be interviews with the public, trips to the locations that matter in the story, and a buzzing newsroom from which all of this will be directed. ​

I'm almost convinced, but... There will be biscuits! Biscuits make the world go round. ​

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