Press Release 2013-2014

Press release: A Level Results August 2014


Student, parents and staff at the Norton Knatchbull School gathered to celebrate their A level results. In total, our students achieved 22% A* or A grades, and 50% A*, A or B grades. Our overall pass rate was 99.7%. The vast majority of our students will continue their studies at university and have already received firm offers of a place. The average point score per student was 847.94. 
There are a number of students whose achievements are exceptional across all A2 subjects they studied, and who therefore deserve particular praise: Callum Shaw achieved A* grades in all of Further Mathematics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and English Literature; Christy Varghese achieved A* grades in Mathematics and Psychology and two A grades in Biology and Chemistry; Ryan Cherry also achieved A* grades in Sociology and Psychology, an A grade in Physical Education and a C grade in Biology; Justin Bean achieved an A* grade in Geography and A grades in Fine Art, Mathematics and Physics; Edward Potter achieved an A* grade in Psychology and A grades in Sociology, Music and Chemistry;  Shanice Evans achieved an A* grade in Sociology, B grades in English Language and Literature, Government and Politics and Psychology, and a B grade in the AQA Extended Project.
Above: Ms Staab, Headteacher, congratulates Christy Varghese on his excellent results
Above: Mrs Silvester, English teacher, is delighted with the achievement of her student Temidayo Banwo

Above: Ryan Cherry and Callum Shaw are very pleased with their results
In addition to the above, the following students must be congratulated for gaining an A* grade in one of the A2 subjects they studied:  Harry Middleton (Government and Politics); Christopher Morley (English Literature); Maisie Newman (Sociology); Michael Parrett (Mathematics); Oliver Potter (Chemistry); Aidan Shell (Psychology); George Tickner (Russian).

At AS level, there were many strong results, too, and we are delighted for all our students who achieved their potential. The following students deserve particular mention as they gained A grades in all four subjects they studied: Samuel Barkaway, Michael Ciccone, Daniel Curry, Mohit Dhiman, Charles Mearles-Pay, James O’Donoghue and Daniel Pallant. Other students who did extremely well included Sangarsh Shresta and Mark Hanham who both achieved three A grades and one B grade; James Allen who achieved three A grades and one C grade; Adam Bourne, Joseph Brown, Joshua Perham and Oliver Rose, who all achieved two A grades and two B grades; Adam Jarman who achieved two A grades, two B grades and one C grade; George Ord, William Fowler and James Carlton, who all achieved one A grade and three B grades. Top student of Year 12 was Harry Rainbird who achieved three A grades and one A* grade, closely followed by Michael Dunning who gained four A grades and one B grade.

Above: Sam Barkaway, James O’Donoghue and Daniel Curry
We wish all of our students the very best for the future, and thank all the staff who helped them to achieve these results.


Press release: GCSE results 2013/14


Students, parents and staff gathered at the Norton Knatchbull School to celebrate their GCSE results. Once again, our students’ attainment at GCSE was outstanding, reflecting the hard work of our pupils and the careful support and guidance our staff have given them.
Above: Shamma Igiraneza, Oluwarotimi Ogunbona and Watan Siddiq
We were particularly pleased to see that 98% of our students achieved 5A*-C grades with 96% achieving 5A*-C grades including English and Mathematics.  49% of our students achieved five or more A* and A grades and 40.8% of total entries were awarded an A*/A grade.  As the Norton Knatchbull School is a Language and Science College, we are also delighted that 79% achieved one or more A*-C grade in a Modern Foreign Language and 92% of our students achieved two or more A*-C grades in Science. Our students also did exceptionally well in Mathematics, achieving a 99% pass rate overall, with 58% achieving A* or A grades.  In addition, 73% of our cohort attained the English Baccalaureate (i.e. achieved an A*-C grade in: English; Mathematics; two Sciences; a Language and a Humanities subject).
Above: Joseph Pape and Harry Triggs
A number of our students have obtained exceptional results, achieving 10 or more A*/A grades, and they deserve a special mention:
12.5 A* grades: Alexander Goncalves;
11 A* grades and 2 A grades: Kieran Dhillon;
10.5 A* grades and 2 A grades: Shamma Igiraneza 
10 A* grades and 2.5 A grades: John West;
9 A* grades and 3.5 A grades: Jack Barclay;
9 A* grades, 3 A grades and 1 B grade: Joseph Pape;
9 A* grades, 3 A grades and 1 C grade: Wesley O’Callaghan;
8.5 A* grades, 3 A grades and 1 B grade: Cameron McKenzie
8 A* grades, 3 A grades, 1 B grade and 0.5 C grades:  Jamie White;
8 A* grades, 2.5 A grades and 2 B grades: Samuel Dinley;
7 A* grades and 5.5 A grades: Thomas Fernandez and James Mowbray;
7 A* grades, 5 A grades and 1 B grade: Shaun Emmanuel;
6 A* grades and 7 A grades: Callum Furner;
5 A* grades, 5 A grades and 3 B grades: Michal Grela;
5 A* grades, 5 A grades, 1.5 B grades and 1 C grade: Lewis Powell;
4 A* grades, 7.5 A grades and 1 B grade: Harry Triggs;
3 A* grades, 9 A grades and 1 B grade: Jack Pierce;
3.5 A*grades, 8 A grades and 1 B grade: Sean Grobler;
3 A* grades, 8 A grades and 1.5 B grades: Dominic Richardson;
3 A* grades, 7.5 A grades and 2 B grades: Thomas Slater;
3 A* grades, 7 A grades and 2 B grades: James Drury;
1.5 A* grade, 9 A grades and 2 B grades: Oluwarotimi Ogunbona.
Above: Wesley O’Callaghan, Michal Grela, Dominic Richardson and James Mowbray
Above: Jack Barclay with his parents
Many congratulations to all of our Year 11 students and a huge “thank you” to all members of staff who helped to make these results happen. We look forward to welcoming our students into our Sixth Form, and wish them the very best for the future.
Above: Shaun Emmanuel and Jamie White