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WTM Timetable


Click here for attached calendar


The attached calendar details the formal sessions that departments are running to prepare students for each specific exam.  Walking Talking Mark is a strategy, used by the school last year, which is proven to help students focus on the exam they are about to sit by highlighting marking criteria, making sure students are approaching questions in the format that will gain them the most marks.

Many other revision sessions will also be taking place, but these will be run by individual teachers for their class or small groups of students and arranged directly with students.  Students and parents are reminded that during study leave staff are available during your normal lessons times and are happy to offer ongoing support.  Students are welcome to use the school facilities to revise, the library is a designated silent study room for year 11 and 13 during the exam period.

If you have any questions or need further guidance please do not hesitate to contact me at jmaclean@nks.kent.sch.uk.

Good luck!

Jamie MacLean

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