Welcome to the Knatch Hatch and to Olive Dining!

What is the Knatch Hatch? When we launched the new canteen, we needed a new name for it. We ran a competition amongst student to find the best one and "knatch Hatch" was the winning name.

With the new canteen came a new caterer: Olive Dining.
Olive Dining is a small Education caterer with a passion for food and quality. They are dedicated in providing children with tasty nutritious food that is value for money.
Their menus are cooked on site daily using fresh locally sourced ingredients and have been nutritionally analysed to ensure they are meeting the recommended food standards for schools.
Their menus are all designed around meal deals so that they can offer great value for money.
There is free fresh water available.

We hope that your children will be pleased with the service we are providing, if you have any questions or would like to provide Olive Dining with feedback then please contact

cashless-payments-300 The school uses cashless payments.
To add money to the cashless payments: click here.
Once money has been added, students can then use their fingerprint to make payments.

Here are a few key documents:

Here is a list of our menus: