Sixth Form Dress Code

You are to dress professionally in appearance with students expected to wear smart trousers/ appropriate length skirts, a shirt with a collar and school tie for males and for female students to wear an equally formal shirt or top. All students are required to wear their NKS identification lanyards at all times. Students are also expected to own a suit style jacket but this is only required to be worn on formal occasions such as open evenings or when representing the school.

Whilst we encourage you exercise your own judgement on appearance, there are some items which are deemed as unacceptable, as follows:

  • Female tops – no spaghetti straps, strapless, low cut, see through or revealing midriffs. If we can see your underwear it is inappropriate
  • Skirts/dresses – these should not be too short, the ideal length is just above the knee. Clothing should not restrict movement nor should it prevent a task from being undertaken with dignity.
  • Trousers/skirts/jackets – no leather or denim to be worn
  • Jewellery and Piercings – no visible piercings other than small earrings allowed and other jewellery items should be conservative to not pose a risk to health and safety
  • No shorts, hoodies or leisure wear allowed (except for PE or sports events) and jumpers or cardigans should be without logo’s and smart in appearance
  • Footwear - trainers, Dr Marten boots, heel heights over 3 inches (8 cms) flip flops or open backed shoes are not allowed
  • Both hair and facial hair should be appropriate for the working environment.  Hair colour should be a natural shade.   

The sixth form dress code is not exhaustive in defining acceptable and unacceptable standards of dress and appearance. The final decision on whether you are deemed inappropriately dressed will be made by either the Head of Sixth Form or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Any member of the Sixth Form who does not conform to the dress code or who is considered inappropriately dressed will be sent home to change and will be asked to report back to a member of the Sixth Form Team on return.