• School Council

School Council

Every student at NKS is entitled to have their voice heard.  The Student Council provides a forum where representatives from all year groups can raise, discuss and propose resolutions about issues which are important to them.  Each form elects two representatives.  These two representatives attend a Year Council meeting to discuss issues from their year group.  The Year Council will elect two of its members to go forward and represent the views of the year group at the School Council meeting.    The School Council meeting will be chaired by the School Captain.   Feedback will be given through published minutes and through assemblies where this is appropriate.  Copies of the minutes will be sent to the Senior Leadership Team, the Governors and other relevant staff.  The School Council is regularly consulted by the school management and they are used as a student interview panel for some staff appointments.

School Council Members 2015-16

School Captain:                                                 Harry Triggs, 13A                             

Deputy School Captain:                                 Sean Grobler, 13Bu                        

Deputy School Captain:                                 Alex Goncalves, 13B      


Year 7                    Rafe Wiltshire, 7A            Senon Rai, 7A   

Year 8                    Danny Rodrigues, 8B      Spike Purdie, 8L

Year 9                    Angus Shepherd, 9H       Billy Upchurch, 9K

Year 10                 Louis Miller, 10A               Max Willis, 10H                           

Year 11                 Antonio De Rosa, 11A    Rhys Drakely, 11H                     

Year 12                 Oliver Cook, 12B               Rebekah Jones, 12Bu                

Year 13                 James Hyam, 13K          Charlotte Harman, 13K  

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