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Law Society

The Norton Knatchbull Law Society aims to bring students with a passion for law, both as an academic subject and a career, together. It also tries to give students the opportunity to get involved in law in a number of different ways: through activities like debates on relevant legal issues, exciting guest speakers and even conducting our own mock trials. 

 This year our main objective is to establish a basic understanding of the law, and as the society welcomes those who are studying law and those who are not, our members are able to share any knowledge that they have as well as taking on board new information from their peers. Also, in the future we are interested in taking a school trip to the Supreme Court or other courts, to give us first-hand experience of the law and its relevance to innumerable spheres of life. 

We are proud to say that the NKS Law Society is student run, founded by sixth formers Thomas Evans and Joseph Elgar in March of 2016, with Mrs Shore supervising the meetings. However, the meetings are not exclusively run by anybody in particular, as all members are given the opportunity to run sessions on anything from Criminal Law to Family Law. Also, we plan to use the expertise of school teachers like Mrs Thompson, who previously worked in the field of law, to our advantage - giving members and insight into the demands and rewards of a career in law. In addition to this, we plan to keep up to date with any law cases that are in the news and share our opinions and views on these topics. 

Meetings are held in F5 (Mrs Shore’s room) every Friday lunchtime at 1.15 and we welcome students from school years 10 to 12 to join us!