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Sixth Form Curriculum 2019 / 2021

High quality teaching and learning are at the heart of everything we do. All our teachers are subject specialists who place great emphasis on academic rigour as well as active learning. Students are taught how to think and learn for themselves, developing reasoning, reflection, resilience, resourcefulness, respect and responsibility. This results in a vibrant and inspiring learning atmosphere and equips students with the tools to become independent and lifelong learners.

From Year 7 onwards, our students follow a rigorous academic and creative curriculum, featuring English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, French, German, Spanish, ICT, Music, Drama, Art, Design and Technology, Physical Education, and PSHCE. All of these subjects are available for study at GCSE examination level. We offer an even wider choice of courses at post-16 level to ensure that all interests, talents and aspirations are catered for.

Teaching takes place in designated and well equipped classrooms,; specialist science laboratories; Art and Technology workshops; the sports hall and gymnasium, the drama studio and music rooms. In addition to our ICT suites, teachers and students make frequent use of our bookable laptop banks to support independent learning. The Ashfordian Library is a modern and flexible space which serves both as a silent study and reading area and as a bookable classroom. Our grounds boast ample playing fields which also serve as recreational outdoor spaces at break and lunch times.

We believe that young people learn best when they feel happy and secure. We have a strong pastoral system in place which provides support, guidance and challenge and we foster kind, respectful and tolerant attitudes towards others, both inside and outside the classroom.

Students are organised into forms and form tutors are the first and most regular point of pastoral contact during the school day. A Sixth Form prefect is attached to each form and all Year 7 students have a Year 12 mentor to ease the transition from primary to secondary school. A number of our Sixth Form students are trained peer listeners and can provide further support. We also have a strong team of Student Support Managers in place who monitor each year group closely and deal with any pastoral and academic issues that might arise.

Our Inclusion Manager and team of Learning Support Assistants will provide any additional guidance and support needed to allow all of our students to unlock their potential. Our School Counsellor offers professional confidential advice and support.

We also provide regular points of feedback to parents and carers through academic monitoring reports containing information on students’ potential, their progress, attitude to learning and homework. Thus, school works closely with home to ensure that problems are identified early and appropriate intervention and support can take place. Equally, good effort and achievement are highlighted and can be celebrated and rewarded.