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The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE)


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Charities – Every term the school has a non-uniform day to raise money for charity.  The School Council decides on the charities that the school will support on these days.  On these occasions and at other points throughout the year, students volunteer to lead and organise events.  Many of these events are in response to natural disasters or humanitarian campaigns that are current at the time.  We are always immensely proud of the way that students put themselves forward to lead these initiatives and how readily the student body get behind them.

Environment Group - A member of the NKS Environment Group is a person interested in the environment, someone who is willing to set the example and is keen to get involved. This initiative is very student-led and it focuses on green initiatives in the school community - recycling, energy awareness, sustainability and the appearance of the school site.

Duke of Edinburgh award – The award is very popular at NKS with many students undertaking all three levels – bronze, silver and gold.  There are many opportunities for leadership within the award and the skills and experiences that students gain really help them to be leaders in all other areas of their lives.  The award also gives students the opportunity to contribute to their community.  Read more here.

Sports Leaders – At NKS Key Stage 4 students are given the opportunity to undertake the training to become Sports Leaders.  We currently have twenty qualified Sports Leaders in Year 11.  These students regularly help with the running of school sports events, both at NKS and in the wider community.