Examination Dates and Information

Exam Seasons

November 2018: 1st November - 10th November

Summer 2018: 13th May - 25th June

Start Times of Exams

Morning exams start at 9:00 am

Afternoon exams start at 1:30 pm

GCSE and A Level Exam Contingency Day - 26th June 2019 

Results Days

November 2018 GCSE/EPQ - 17th January 2019

Summer 2019 GCE - 15th August 2019  - Exams results can be collected from 9:00 am - 10:00 am in the School Library

Summer 2019 GCSE - 22nd August 2019 - Exam results can be collected from 9:00am - 11:00 am in the School Library

Post Results

Access to Scripts and Review of Markings Forms

Key Dates, Deadlines and Fees



Information for Students


University Admission Tests

Re-sit Form and Fees November 2018

A Level Re-sit Form and Fees June 2019

November 2018 Exam Timetable

Summer 2019 Exam Timetable

Yr 13 PPE Timetable (mocks)

Yr 12 PPE Timetable (mocks)

Yr 12 PPE Guide

 Yr 11 PPE Timetable (mocks)

Yr 11 PPE Science Timetable (mocks)

Yr 11 PPE English Literature Timetable (mock)

Yr 10 PPE Timetable (mocks)

Yr 8 End of Year Exams

Yr 7 End of Year Exams