School is about much more than just examination success. Our students can access a wide range of creative, sporting and cultural activities. We offer many clubs and societies which operate at lunch time and after school. Our students enter sporting and other competitions, take part in a variety of local and national programmes and simply enjoy themselves.  There are many opportunities to take part, both representing the school, the House and simply playing for fun. 

Music, Drama and Art all play a very important part in the life of our school. Students can learn an instrument; join a jazz band, wind band, the orchestra or the choir.  They can participate in drama performances and attend clubs in a wide range of additional activities.  Clubs are a good way to make new friends and there is a wide range to suit everyone’s interests. Some examples of other activities include clubs for Warhammer, Manga drawing, Origami, Films, and the Christian Union.  We are open to ideas, students can even start a new club if they like.

We strongly believe that school trips enrich the students’ learning experience.  We run a large number of trips, both curriculum based and for pleasure, enabling students to develop a wide range of skills including team work and personal organisation. Curriculum based trips make classroom studies come alive and include visits to art galleries, historical sites and buildings. Geography field trips both locally and to Field Study Council Centres such as Malham Tarn and visits to both France and Spain extend our students’ horizons. Trips for pleasure generally take place outside school time; recent examples include a World Challenge trip to Vietnam, our ski trip to North America and the Year 8 outdoor pursuits trip.

Fundraising for charity regularly forms an important part of school life.  We are always very heartened by the students’ drive and enthusiasm in this area.  We follow many national fundraising initiatives such as Sport Relief and Children in Need and there are other school traditions such as the Penny race which supports the House charities.  On a regular basis individual students also come up with many of their own schemes and raise considerable amounts of money for their chosen causes.