School Policies and Parental Guides

Name Date File Size Category  
Absence and Special Leave Policy 9th Oct 2018604 KBStaff Download
Acceptable Use and E-Safety Policy 8th Nov 2018271 KBSafeguarding Download
Accessibility Plan 2018 28th Nov 2018540 KBPolicies Download
Admissions 23rd Jan 2018368 KBPolicies Download
Allegations of Abuse Against Staff in Sc... 9th Oct 2018349 KBSafeguarding Download
Anti-Bullying Policy 9th Oct 2018242 KBSafeguarding Download
Asbestos Management Policy 9th Oct 2018212 KBHealth And Safety Download
Assessment Strategy Nov 2018 12th Jun 2019453 KBPolicies Download
Behaviour Policy 3rd Sep 2018509 KBPolicies Download
Capability Policy and Procedure 23rd Jan 2018241 KBPolicies Download
Careers strategy Dec 2018 12th Jun 2019532 KBPolicies Download
CCTV Policy 9th Oct 2018370 KBData Protection (GDPR) Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 10th Jun 2019192 KBPolicies Download
Child Protection Policy 9th Oct 2018372 KBSafeguarding Download
Complaints Policy and Procedure 23rd Jan 2018359 KBPolicies Download
Control of Infections 9th Oct 2018223 KBHealth And Safety Download
Data Breach Policy 9th Oct 2018361 KBData Protection (GDPR) Download
Data Protection Policy 9th Oct 2018496 KBData Protection (GDPR) Download
Data Retention Policy 9th Oct 2018248 KBData Protection (GDPR) Download
Dealing with Persistent or Vexatious Com... 9th Oct 2018508 KBSafeguarding Download
Disciplinary policy and Procedure 23rd Jan 2018358 KBPolicies Download
Drugs Policy 9th Oct 2018356 KBSafeguarding Download
Educational Trips and Visits Policy 23rd Jan 2018461 KBPolicies Download
Electronic Information and Communication... 9th Oct 2018344 KBData Protection (GDPR) Download
Employer Policy Statement 9th Oct 2018286 KBStaff Download
Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy 23rd Jan 2018210 KBPolicies Download
Equality in Employment Policy 9th Oct 2018324 KBStaff Download
Exclusion Policy 23rd Jan 2018197 KBPolicies Download
Explanation of Year 7 and 8 monitoring g... 24th Jan 2019396 KBParental Guides Download
Fairness at Work Policy 23rd Jan 2018404 KBPolicies Download
Finance Handbook 10th Jun 2019242 KBPolicies Download
Fire Safety Management Policy 9th Oct 2018238 KBHealth And Safety Download
First Aid & Medicine Policy 9th Oct 2018423 KBHealth And Safety Download
Fraud Policy 9th Oct 2018192 KBFinance Download
Freedom of Information Act 2000 Access P... 9th Oct 2018554 KBData Protection (GDPR) Download
Gifts and Hospitality Policy 9th Oct 2018208 KBFinance Download
Grievance Policy and Procedure 23rd Jan 2018213 KBPolicies Download
Health & Safety Policy 9th Oct 2018290 KBHealth And Safety Download
Home and School Contract 10th Jun 2019225 KBPolicies Download
Homework Policy 23rd Jan 2018226 KBPolicies Download
Information Security Policy 9th Oct 2018458 KBData Protection (GDPR) Download
Looked After Children Policy 23rd Jan 2018196 KBPolicies Download
Managing Contractors Policy 9th Oct 2018604 KBHealth And Safety Download
Managing Racial Incidents Policy 9th Oct 2018495 KBSafeguarding Download
Minibus Policy 23rd Jan 2018474 KBPolicies Download
Pay and Rewards Policy 9th Oct 2018427 KBFinance Download
Performance Management Policy 23rd Jan 2018422 KBPolicies Download
Procurement and Tendering Procedure 9th Oct 2018204 KBFinance Download
Pupil Premium Strategy 23rd Jan 2018268 KBPolicies Download
Recruitment and Induction Policy 9th Oct 2018321 KBStaff Download
Rewards Policy 23rd Jan 2018699 KBPolicies Download
Risk Management Policy 23rd Jan 2018225 KBPolicies Download
Safeguarding in Recruitment Policy 9th Oct 2018362 KBSafeguarding Download
School Admissions 23rd Jan 2018255 KBPolicies Download
Secondary Admissions Policy 23rd Jan 2018158 KBPolicies Download
SEN Policy 23rd Jan 2018469 KBPolicies Download
Sex and Relationship Policy 10th Jun 2019410 KBPolicies Download
Single Equality Policy 23rd Jan 2018322 KBPolicies Download
Social Media Policy January 2019 12th Jun 2019202 KBPolicies Download
Staff Code of Conduct 9th Oct 2018325 KBStaff Download
Staff Dress Code Policy May 2019 12th Jun 2019541 KBPolicies Download
Staff Well Being Policy 9th Oct 2018397 KBStaff Download
Student Attendance Policy 23rd Jan 2018205 KBPolicies Download
Student Voice and School Council Policy 23rd Jan 201884 KBPolicies Download
Teaching and Learning Strategy 2019 12th Jun 2019410 KBPolicies Download
Uniform and Sixth Form Dress Code Policy... 12th Jun 2019684 KBPolicies Download
Whistle Blowing Policy 9th Oct 2018204 KBSafeguarding Download