Pastoral team

At The Norton Knatchbull School students are supported by our Student Support Managers.
These are full time, non teaching members of staff who are therefore available to work very closely with our students, parents and carers throughout the whole school day. The Student Support Managers are responsible for the daily pastoral care of our students, working alongside tutors and class teachers. They mentor and monitor the students, follow up attendance and behaviour issues and access additional services for young people who may require further support. They are committed to ensuring that pupils in their care are happy, enjoy coming to school, and are making good progress with their learning.

Sharon Parsonage ssm-parsonage
Elisabeth Dance ssm-dance-y8
Glenda Gregan ssm-gregan-y9
Philip Ellis ssm-ellis-y10
Brian Baker ssm-baker
Natasha Thompson ssm-thompson


The Norton Knatchbull has a counsellor available to help support our students. Mrs Farrelly visits the school on Wednesdays with appointments being made through the Student Support Managers or Mr Uttin our SENCo.  Mrs Farrelly may run drop in sessions from time to time dependent upon demand. Counselling sessions are confidential unless there is a child protection issue.

councellor - B Farrelly counsellor