Electronic Gate Information


CCTV monitoring of the entrance/exit will operate continuously day and night.

The vehicle entry gate will remain closed at all times. Non-employees seeking access to the school site must use the Intercom System.  Two keypads are available depending of the time of day. The keypad to use during school hours will ring reception. The keypad to use out of school hours will ring the caretaker on duty.


The vehicle exit gate will remain closed at all times. It will open automatically when a vehicle approaches from within the school site (except between 3.25 and 3.40 when it will remain shut). Please drive your car in close proximity of the gates to allow your car to be detected (the gates will open outwards towards Hythe Road).

The pedestrian entry gate will be open from 8am to 9.00am Mondays to Fridays whilst the school is in session and reception is staffed. At all other times, anybody wishing to enter the site needs to use the Intercom System.

The pedestrian exit gate will be open between 3.25 pm and 4pm. At all other times, the Intercom System will need to be used to operate the pedestrian exit gate.  

Parents and carers are no longer able to drive onto the site for the purpose of dropping off and/or picking up their child before and after school, as this has been identified as a significant health and safety risk due to the volume of cars and pedestrians at these particular pressure points. Parents and carers should drop students off and/or pick them up a little distance away from the school entrance in order to avoid congestion and minimise the risk of accidents. Any parent and carer wishing to access the site for the purpose of an appointment during the school day should use the Intercom System.

Staff members with a fob can open the vehicle entry gate by placing the fob against the dedicated panel on the keypads. If you have been issued a pin number instead of a fob, press the # key on the keypad and enter your pin this will then unlock the door.



Note: The gate's clock is synchronised with the school servers, which are in turn synchronised with pool.ntp.org. This matches android devices and iOS automatic clocks.

Thank you all very much for working with us to promote the safety and security of our school community.