Get It

‘Get it’ is a free condom distribution and chlamydia screening service offered both online and in-person to young people aged 13-24 living, working, socialising, or studying in Kent.  ‘Get it’ enables young people to gain access to free condoms and lube by registering to the scheme, whilst also receiving brief sexual health interventions and obtaining information about local services. The registration process and resultant conversations provide an opportunity for young people to learn about sex and the law, contraception, unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and the services available to them. ‘Get it’ acknowledges the fact that a broad range of young people are sexually active from as young as 13, and that there is therefore a need for free, confidential sexual health services which support safer sex, knowledge acquisition and risk reduction.

A young person has to be aged between 13 and 24 to register for the scheme. Young people aged 16+ can register in person or online (, whilst 13-15 year olds must register in person. In person registrations happen at Easy Access Points (EAPs).  NKS is now one of these EAPs.  After registration to the scheme, the young person is given a keyring card with a unique identifying code, and they can they use this card to obtain free condoms either online (if they are 16+) or from any EAPs until their 25th birthday.

To access the scheme at NKS, students should come and speak to the following members of staff:

Mr Hunt in S06 or Ms Neale in Q10