A load of old waffle?

They are trendy, crammed with sugar, and they seem to be taking over our High Streets, but are the new dessert bars popping up all over the country as great as they make out? Our reporters, George and Freddie, both in Year 8, have been through the gruelling task of checking out these bars to determine whether they truly are the creme de la creme--Marmite sauce and all.


The Chain Restaurant

Kaspa’s Desserts is a recent addition to the collection of places to eat in Ashford town. Kaspa#'s describe themselves as, “a chain of exciting new dessert houses that offer the world's favourite hot and cold desserts under one roof." They claim to have an "emphasis on high quality desserts, good customer service and an overall amazing dining experience for our customers.”Ashford's new addition is situated on the High Street, in place of the old Pizza Hut, and is one of 60 proposed stores across the country. 

The opening of Kaspa's has been controversial; Just Desserts, around the corener, has been  running for three years. Now there is the fear that Kaspa’s are stealing the business.

I’ve only ever been to Kaspa’s so I cannot decide which is better, but I can say that the food was delicious and looked good too (although the bubble drinks taste horrid). Also, the building was clean and the customer service was excellent. 

As much as this seems wonderful, it is by no means perfect. The portions are huge, and as much as though a waffle could be finished, a milkshake could not. The prices are steep but for the amount you get it is more than fair. The problem is, though, that a super milkshake is so big many people wouldn’t be able to finish it. This is gluttony, and so much ends up in the bin. Once again a chain store puts quantity above customer requirements and needs.

George, Year 8

The Independent Restaurant

Dessert bars are taking off, but Ashford has had its very own slice of

cake heart of the town  for two successful years. This is a quaint little store in

the middle of a buzzing area. But what did we think on our most recent visit?


The cakes were labelled as stodgy and left a salty taste in my mouth.

They had a poor choice of chocolate, lemon and strawberry. Not only

did the taste in my mouth leave me disappointed, the amount of choice

was appalling.


In terms of ice cream the standards were significantly higher. There

was a never ending choice of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, honeycomb,

mint choc chip, salted caramel and much more. In this respect, Just Desserts surpassed expectations—and left me wanting more.


Moreover, the range of waffles were relatively impressive. The taste was slightly strange, however, and I felt disappointed. The part that was ‘relatively impressive’

was the choice of sauce. We had chocolate, syrup and marmite, the latter being

extremely perplexing—and one to avoid.


Overall, if just desserts are going to stand up to new rival desserts store Kaspa’s.

They must keep up the standards of their ice cream and improve the quality

of desserts such as cakes and waffles.

Freddie, Year 8.