Monsters, magic, and Year 7s


Spawned from the massively successful book series, Harry Potter studios was the place where the most recognisable movie sequences came to life. For Year 7 students at The Norton Knatchbull School, a trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tours, just off the M1, has always been a highlight.

We talked to Miss Rowland (the organiser of the trip, and Head of Art and Photography) about the studios, the trip and why she runs this excursion each year. This is what she said:

Why was the Harry Potter Trip started?

“The reason we started the Harry Potter Trip was because it has amazing opportunities for students to see how the arts industry can work in film, with animation, set and costume design. There are so many chances to see these industries in action, and to understand how they work. Also, it’s a highly popular book and film series, so we knew students would love to have that experience for themselves as well.”

What’s your favourite part of the trip?

“I personally love the art department at the end, just to see all the conceptual ideas behind some of the images you get to see in the films. I also love to see the little models and the ‘thing’ at the end; I’m not going to give it away! It’s just really nice to see how it all comes together in the films.”

When did you first do the trip?

“This is my third year of running the trip; prior to that other members of the school ran it, but I took over from Mrs. Thompkins a few years ago.”

Will you be going again?

“Yes! We’ve just sent out the letters for the Year 7s to go in the summer. We will be doing it as two days again, so that we can get as many students who want to go going on the trip.”

Are there any downsides to the trip?

“I think that the only disadvantage is the price, as it’s obviously very expensive to go into the studios itself and the cost of the transport on top it makes it quite a pricey trip, unfortunately. The fact that some students weren’t able to go because of the price, is saddening to see. Otherwise, it’s all positive as it greatly helps them for their year 8 goblin animation project.

Finally, but most importantly, who is your favourite Harry Potter character?

“I have to say … Hagrid. I like the fact that he’s a big, soft, half-giant.”

So, as you can most likely tell, the Harry Potter Trip will continue running for years to come. After all, the next one has already been booked! For those who don’t go on the trip, don’t worry: there are still plenty of activities back at school.

By Remi and Chrisopher, Year 8

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