Apocalypse Soon?

Currently, North Korea has an ongoing Nuclear Weapons Programme in which it has tested 6 nuclear weapons and claimed to have a missile with an estimated maximum range of 13,000km – the Hwasong-15 (meaning Fire Star-15). Its tests have proved to be highly controversial and provocative to many of the world’s leading figures.

There has been a heated argument between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, with Kim calling Trump a “dotard” and Trump calling Kim a “rocket man” on a “suicide mission”. Though, Russia’s Foreign minister has told both “hot heads” to calm down, he urges that a more reasonable approach should be taken and not the sort of emotional “kindergarten fight” they are having now. The recent test of the Hwasong-15 on the 28th November 2017 has sparked conflict in the area, with North Korea claiming that it can reach all of the US mainland. President Trump has responded by enigmatically saying, “We will take care of it”.

The North Korean nuclear weapons testing makes many of us question whether nuclear weapons are needed for deterrence. On one hand, people say that it is needed to preserve peace and keep the major powers in check. On the other hand, people say it is all a myth and the world would be a better place without nuclear weapons. We asked Mr Lingham (a student at the Norton Knatchbull School) the question of whether North Korea should be allowed to test nuclear weapons and he said, “I think they shouldn’t be allowed to do it because it is dangerous”. On the other hand, Mr Chalkley (a teacher of English at the Norton Knatchbull) has said, “I don’t want them to act this way, but the US is testing nuclear missiles too!”.

Even though North Korea has heavy sanctions imposed upon it by the: US, UN, EU, Japan and South Korea, it still insists that the Nuclear Weapons Programme will continue. It is uncertain how the situation will unfold.

By Thomas, Year 8