Electric Avenue

The Canterbury City Council is wanting £30,000 to have 10 charging points for electric cars across the district. And it is a move that could set a precedent in Kent.

Lib Dem councillor Nick Eden-Green and Labour councillor Alan Baldock have suggested making installations of these new car charging stations mandatory in new developments 

Eden-Green said that “Every car park, every new house that’s built, every new development should have built-in charging.” 

He also said he was amazed the power points had not received the same level of funding as barriers for car parks. 

Baldock has proposed a change in plan to ensure it happens. 

At the end of 2017 the council asked for public help to find areas to place the charging points that can charge two cars at once. 

The identified areas include Orchard Street, Roper Road, Nunnery Fields, Havelock Street and Puckle Lane. 

The city council’s transportation and environment manager, Richard Moore said: “My preference, because of the air quality issues, would be that the majority of these be in Canterbury.” He also stated that people should pay to charge their car.

But with Canterbury being just one of several heavily polluted towns across Kent, the question remains as to whether other towns--including Ashford--will be next to take steps to encourage use of electric cars.

By Declan, Year 8