136 year old firm collapses

Headley Brothers, a printing firm that has employed hundreds over the last 136 years, has closed for the last time, leaving workers without jobs just weeks before Christmas.

Despite having been taken over by another company--Henry Stones of Oxon--just a month before, the company was forced to close due to a precarious financial situation. It is believed it was forced to shut down due to a massive electricity bill. The company's total losses equaled over 1.5 million. 

When the printing firm closed at 3pm on the 17th of November 2017, many were left confused as their jobs were unexpectedly taken away from them. Ever since it opened in 1881 it had been going strong and financially stable and many had expected it to keep doing so. 

In an interview, Richard Walsh a shareholder of the company told reporters at local newspaper Kentish Express that, 'it has always been a well-established company and a key player in the printing industry'.

With the demise of this historic company, big printing jobs have just become a lot more difficult to complete in the Ashford area.

By Finn, Year 8