Amazon Go to revolutionise shopping?

A new Amazon grocery store was opened last Monday in Seattle, USA. However, it's not just new, it is radically different.

The store is unmanned and works by allowing customers to scan their phones as they enter the store and relies on sensors and cameras to tell when an item has been removed from the shelf and needs to be replenished. After you've gathered your shopping, as Amazon put it: " you can just walk out". 

But, along with the store have come concerns from staff, as well as customers. Members of the public believe that the store can't be trusted, because a machine could malfunction and charge you more (or too little) for what you intended to buy. People also believe that it is more convenient to just order online than go to the store, and  that the store is losing Amazon's sense of convenience at the touch of a button. 

Furthermore, staff members are concerned because the idea of a future of just machinery and computers, means very few workers and potentially a loss of jobs; especially if this store starts a chain reaction for more to come.

As robots begins to domincate our roads, factories, and now our shops, there is a growing focus on what comes next for humans in need to employment, money and a purpose.

By Seb, Year 8