Flying high

Udacity is offering an online course starting in February that will allow people to get a degree in flying car engineering.

It is the brainchild of former Stanford University professor, Sebastian Thrun who has headed up Google’s self-driving car project.  He wants to attract at least 10 000 applicants to what he is calling a ‘nanodegree’.  He wants to make the dream of personal flight a reality.

Along with the flying car course, Udacity has also offered a self-driving car course.

The flying car course will be taken over two twelve-week long terms.  Each term will cost $1200 (£999).

Prof Thrun said: “It feels like science fiction now.  But with Google and Amazon moving in, there is going to be enormous activity around this in the next year or two.  In a few years’ time, this will be the hottest topic on the planet.”

The question is whether this is only the start; will there be other progressive degrees in the future?