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Meeting:  Tuesday (B) 1:30pm S07

Our planet is a glittering gem of incredible beauty, drifting slowly through an empty, velvet sky.

Everyone sees this beauty differently: some see it in the glorious sunset, when the sky turns from a beautiful blue to a flaming orange, with rose-tinted clouds hovering about the magnificent golden orb of the sun; others see it in the rustling of the trees, whose luscious green leaves quiver in a cool, gentle breeze; many more see it in the leap of the gazelle, the flight of the eagle, the pounce of the tiger.

Earth's myriad mysteries are an unfaltering fountain of fascination - a source of wonder for all who wish to learn from it. Whether you are bewildered by biodiversity, awestruck by evolution, absorbed by immunology or even enthralled by Earth's very core and crust, there is always something new to discover.

EARTH - One video you NEED to see:

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