Consultation Information



Our vision for a new Digital Learning Centre has been endorsed by Kent County Council and we were awarded £2m in July 2018 to build this facility. We would therefore like to invite you to a public consultation explaining our plans for the project on Tuesday 25th September 2018. 

The Digital Learning Centre will bring together the technology changes which are currently affecting all of us in our day to day lives. It will bring these changes into focus in a modern, interactive learning environment. Existing subjects which make increasing use of digital information (such as Product Design, Science, Maths, Art and Music) will continue to be taught the required curriculum but the opportunity will be taken to explore with students the reasons for using digital technology and how it is likely to develop and be used in the field in question. For example, in the case of AI, the emphasis will not be upon the mathematical formulae and algorithms so much as helping students to gain a better understanding of AI and how they can work with it and use it in the future.

We look forward to seeing you and welcome your feedback on the proposals that we will be presented.  The presentation is an opportunity for parents, pupils, local residents and any other stakeholders to view the proposals and engage in the process of upgrading the School.

The consultation will take place in the main hall at The Norton Knatchbull School.  Representatives of Roberts Limbrick Architects, who are working with the School to develop the project, together with Governors and other Senior Leaders, will be on hand to discuss the plans.