Mr P. Found: a PhD in Classics


Head of Classical and Religious Studies, Mr Paul Found, was delighted to have his PhD research proposal accepted and from September 2018 will be working towards his Doctorate as a student of Royal Holloway University of London under the supervision of Professor Richard Alston.

Although interested in all aspects of the classical world, Mr Found’s passion lies firmly with the Romans and his thesis will be focussed on looking at Augustan Rome through the lens of modern political theory. Mr Found loves teaching the Augustus modules to his Classics students at NKS and when they look at how the first Roman emperor managed to become a monarch in all but name while professing to have restored the Republic, the overriding question is always, ‘how on earth did he get away with it?’
Mr Found is hoping he can make a worthwhile contribution to existing scholarly research on this very question and says that finding the motivation to study after a full teaching timetable every day will not be difficult as reading books on the ancient world is what he does for a hobby. As well as nipping off to Rome at every available opportunity that is!