Continued Professional Development


“The Norton Knatchbull School is committed to the continuing professional development (CPD) of all staff to enable them to update and develop their skills and knowledge. The school is also committed to Initial Teacher Training (ITT). The school acknowledges the expertise of colleagues and values the use of this to support the CPD of each other on a daily basis, so unlocking the potential of the staff. CPD is any activity which enhances the performance of an individual and/or the quality of teaching and learning within the school. It should develop the school and the individual, and impact directly on what goes on in the classroom or the efficient running of the school. Effective CPD links school development planning, personal development and the performance management review process.”

In October 2012 the Norton Knatchbull was awarded the CPD Mark in recognition of the outstanding CPD provision for all its staff.

Please click here for the CPD Policy (PDF)

Please click here to download our 2016 CPD report (PDF)