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Student Learning Partners

This is an ambitious new pilot scheme that will place students at the centre of teaching & learning at NKS.

After a round of really impressive group interviews with a very strong field of candidates, we have appointed six academically-strong volunteers from Years 9 & 10 to be trained off timetable for one morning about how to conduct a learning visit into another class. These students will go into a younger year group’s lesson where the teacher has volunteered to host their visit and then afterwards have a formal discussion to gain a student’s perspective on the learning experience in that lesson.

Shortly afterwards, the combined team of staff volunteers and Student Learning Partners will meet to share and discuss their findings from the experience. This dialogue with staff will allow us to move teaching and learning further forward at NKS; hopefully, the students will also contribute to our staff CPD Programme as representatives of Student Voice…

We aim to train boys who can develop this project next year and beyond; boys who will be the future student leaders of the school and ones with the following attributes:

o   Tact & confidence

o   The ability to talk to staff

o   A willingness to take on new challenges

o   Maturity

The following students are to be congratulated on their appointment:

Student Learning Partners February 2015

·        Oliver Burberry 10H

·        Finn Callow 9K

·        Enzo Cothias 10B

·        Pearce Mather 9K

·        Emmanuel Webb 9Bu

·        Maximilian Willis 9H

First reserves:

Joseph Hedges 10Bu

Louis Miller 9A


Mr Scarr

Assistant Head Teacher

February 2015

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