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Y11 Mock Interviews 25/01/17

After much preparation and anticipation, the day finally arrived for Year 11 to be launched into the working world of job interviews.

After weeks of creating CVs and completing fictitious application forms, students were invited to attend and take part in a mock interview. Mrs Vernon had secured a record number of external business representatives from across Kent, to come and interview all Year 11 on a one-to-one basis, analysing and reviewing their skills and techniques whilst providing valuable feedback for life beyond Norton Knatchbull!

The students arrived dressed to impress with many a borrowed tie. Each was asked to greet their interviewer with a firm handshake, which Mrs Davies was happy to lend a hand with, to practise before the all-important interview began.

Each group came and went with the same look of relief and satisfaction that they had done all they could. As the final interviews wrapped the interviewers looked on in what had been a very successful and worthwhile day. Comments from our representatives included:

"Impressive organisation and your students were very impressive - well prepared, well briefed and all engaged in the process - It give me hope for the future!  I spend some time interviewing Grads and Interns and all of your students were better than most of the Grads I interview."

Claire Battle (Sagittarius Marketing)

"The pupils were engaged and are a credit to the school and your preparation, I thought it was really well organised and that it went well."

Tim Hyndman, Thermo-fisher

"The students whom I saw were well prepared, thoughtful, and polite.  Each of them was a credit to the school. "

David V. Bowen, MA, PhD

Director, Audata Ltd.

"I was impressed by how well presented all the boys were and how well they came across. Much more professional than when I was at school…"

Jon Stubbings, Grant Turner 


Mrs Vernon would like to thank all the interviewers who gave up their time to deliver this amazing opportunity:

Jon Pitt  - Kent Law Society, Sinead Leigh Givaudan, Sarah Johnson Givaudan, Helen Rowe Berry Range Engineering, Andy Marshall Tony Gee, Steve Parkin, Derek Kent, Cliffe Grieve and Martin Wyatt all from Rotary, Angela Pearmine Chamber of Commerce, Michael Watkins Hallett and Co, Dan Jones Bromley Council, Natasha Stanton and colleagues from Christ Church University, Ross Davenport Astronomer and Matthew Robinson from STEM

Mrs Vernon and Mrs Davies would also like to thank Year 11 for showing the representatives just what NKS has to offer from our students. Excellent work. 

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