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Ben Sinclair - GAIA Kickstarter

Ben Sinclair in Y12 is, as some of you already know, an outstanding artist.  During the summer holidays last year he created a design for a pack of cards as his induction homework task.  They were absolutely amazing and we encouraged him to try to get them made through a Kickstarter.  Anyway cut a long story short he has managed to do just that.

I thought that some of you, like me, would like to help him with this and purchase a pack.  They are simply beautiful designs based on animals and he has just 30 days to get £10,000 backing.  So far in one day he has £2000!!!!!  Please check the link below and support this amazing student. If he doesn't reach his target within the timeframe they will never get made.


Sandie Rowland


>> Please keep in mind that with Kickstarter there’s no guarantee you will be getting the product. You only get the product if the goal of $12,000 is reached <<

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