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Life Skills Company at NKS

Delivered by the Life Skills Company.



Following our rigorous selection process we were pleased to offer the newly appointed Student Leadership Team an all day training course run by the Life Skills Company. This practical course was designed to help them understand their own personal qualities, function effectively as a team, highlight the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication and hone their presentation skills. Our new Head Boy, Antonio De Rosa and Head Girl, Tori Fowler, led the way and everyone got involved in the tasks and the challenges with enthusiasm. The lying on the floor to standing bottle balancing task was most entertaining to watch! The day was extremely well received by the students with some great feedback given and the Prefect team were quickly put to test at Year 7 Parents Evening the following night. We have a great team in place to face this years busy schedule and to inspire and encourage our younger year groups - we are confident that this training has equipped them well and they will rise to the challenge. 

‘I loved learning about myself and how to become a better Prefect.  It was excellently presented; it was always engaging and it was never boring’.

‘I enjoyed working with people, the demonstrations and when we got up and did things!’

‘Engaging, interactive, never a dull moment, intuitive.’

‘I liked working with people I haven’t worked with before – I need to work with them on the student leadership team so it was good to get to know the team better.  I also liked the skills I’ve been taught – it’s been very valuable – particularly public speaking.’

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