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Power to Perform & Prepare to Perform

Sixth form spent an unusual afternoon preparing for the forthcoming exams season with presentations about brain food and healthy eating and the benefits of exercise, switching off technology and allowing yourself time to unwind before bedtime. The afternoon was complemented by Emma Witt from TeenYoga involving all the audience in some relaxation and breathing techniques and for some brave volunteers the opportunity to try out a yoga session. The session was extremely well received and, although a few of us have some aching limbs today and a realisation that we are less flexible than we thought, it was a great insight into the benefits of this ancient practise.

Students explored what further preparation they should undertake by asking themselves How ready am I to perform? The focus of the sessions was on Performance, Goals, Stress Managements, Mental Energy, Sleep, Rest & Recovery, Physical Activity and Nutrition.  Students were taken out of their comfort zone when asked to focus on questions such as “What do I need to do to be more ready?” and “how can you be prepared to perform?” without focusing on anything academic!  With the most common themes being, turn off my phone, go to bed earlier, and eat a good breakfast on the day of the exams.  Some students even declared they should walk to school on an exam day!

Power to Perform & Prepare to Perform resources are available on our website to help all of our students facing the exam series which you can find by clicking here. There are some excellent resources for both students and parents inclusive of some lovely recipe ideas from celebrity chief Mark Lloyd parents to help engage with to think about. 

In addition we have recommended some Apps such as www.headspace.com, and www.thinkpacifica.com to help out students with some relaxation techniques.

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