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Annual NKS History Research Conference

On Tuesday 12th September, Y13 History A-level students were given the opportunity to show off their research and expertise to an audience of Senior Staff and parents at the annual NKS History Research Conference. Students have been studying for their coursework essays in US Foreign Policy in the Twentieth Century. Having been taught an overview of the topic, the class has been given the freedom to speicalise in one of a number of themes. This year students have opted to write essays on US policy towards Latin America, South-East Asia, and the relative significance of specific presidents like Wilson or FDR, to name but a few. This topic had a particular resonance given recent developments in international relations. The class gave individual presentations outlining their research into events, sources and historians’ interpretations. The evening gives students something to aim for in their research over the summer holiday, before actually starting to write their 3,500-4,000 word essay in the autumn. The coursework is worth 20% of their final grade and since the recent A-level reforms, is arguably the most challenging aspect of the History A-level.  Staff and parents were impressed with the very high standard and students came away with good advice on how to move forward with their essay writing, this term.  Many thanks to Mr Trafford, Ms Staab, Mr Hoyte and Mr Scarr along with all the parents in attendance for giving up their Tuesday evenings and providing some very useful feedback.

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