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ThiNKS Lecture: Rocket Science

NKS ThiNKS Lecture:

Rocket Scientist brings in crowd of over 60 students across all year groups for an out of this world talk.

On the 14th of November, Dr James Beck, who consults on planetary entry probe missions and assists spacecraft designers, gave a lecture entitled ‘Working in Space’ in NKS’s Ashfordian library. The talk had so many students interested that Mrs Knott had to find more chairs!

Although Dr Beck isn’t actually an astronaut, he does work in the space industry and had a lot to say about the science behind his job, giving a crash course in maths, physics and chemistry in addition to allowing students to touch the materials which are used to create the spacecrafts!

Students were given time to ask questions at the end. Of course, one of the first ones was ‘Do you think aliens exist?’ Dr Beck's answer: “It’s possible but I’m not really fussed… either they’re really thick or we are because we haven’t heard any intelligent radio waves from other galaxies yet.”  Discussions around aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics, plasma, and how the density of the mass of a planet warps spacetime,  ensued.  Dr Beck simplified complex science for the younger members of the audience, whilst still keeping it engaging for the year 11's and sixth formers present.

Judging by the amount of questions asked, It’s safe to say the lecture has sparked a lot of cosmic interest in students.  

by Serece Boxall-Roye Year 13


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