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Parliament trip

The Trip to Parliament on the 4th December was a very insightful trip and provided a detailed look into the workings of our legislative branch. Along with a genuine interest by all students as to the buildings and their history, the internal workings deep in the bowels of a mock Gothic palace were fascinating. After a captivating train journey (and a detailed lecture on the railways on the way!) we proceeded from Charing Cross station and took a stroll down Whitehall, observing the Romanesque architecture of this country’s Governmental Department Buildings.

Arriving at the Palace of Westminster itself, we were slightly early and so were permitted some time for a pleasant stroll around Victoria Tower Gardens and a contemplative look across the River. After a security screening we entered the Palace and were shown around the Queen’s Entrance including the Norman Lobby  and Her Majesty’s dressing room – the oldest part of the Palace with ornately decorated walls, ceilings and even a throne! The Tour continued into the House of Lords (with the elegant incarnadine leather benches, and a glorious golden throne for Her Majesty) and some voting lobbies before proceeding to the centre of Parliament – the Commons.

Surprisingly small – far more slight in size than it appears on the television and in pictures – it can actually only seat around 450 members despite the membership of the Commons being 650. While we not permitted to be seated, we stood behind the opposition benches while we were told facts about the House. Thereafter we proceeded to the Education Centre where we learnt about Pressure Groups in an engaging and interactive way. In all, our trip was stupendously fun, worsened only by fact that we didn’t see my hero Jacob Rees-Mogg but bettered by my sporting of the now infamous bowler hat."

 - James Rice, Y12 Politics Student

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