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Ashford Photography Society School competition

Congratulations to our students for doing so well at the Ashford Photographic Society School Competition this year.

  • Finn Kearns : Flying Over The Crowd 3rd place U16 Artistic Interpretations Category
  • Spencer Hewins : Fun Of The Fair 3rd Place U16 Landscape Category & London’s Calling 1st Place U16 Photo Journalism Category
  • Tom Kelleher : Budapest Parliament 2nd Pace & Mathematical Bridge 3rd Place U16 Photo Journalism Category
  • Josh Smith : Mindfulness 2nd Place Portraiture Category
  • Edvards Reinhards : Magical Mist 3rd Place 16+ Landscape Category & Golden Dandelion 2nd Place 16+ Natural History Category
  • Oliver Blowers : Perspective 3rd Place 16+ Pictorial Category
  • Natalie Wyborn : Waste Not Want Not, Memento Mori 1, Memento Mori 3 & Fake Façade – Mayor’s Trophy of Photographic Achievement.

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