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NKS ThiNKS: Dr Louis Yssennagger, Medicine

On the Wednesday 25th April, a group of nearly 60 students were privileged to witness a talk by the newly qualified doctor and NKS alumnus, Dr Louis Yssennagger. During this eventful occasion, several engaging scenarios allowed us to be immersed in realistic situations, where we had the opportunity to diagnose and treat patients based on details provided. With an iPad and our cohort of determined participants, we plunged into the vast and competitive world of medicine, specifically in search of a suitable response for the cases at hand; this was a great chance to get a taste of the 'problem-based learning' (PBL) approach that is a part of many medical schools today. It was truly an invaluable experience for students wishing to pursue a career in medicine, and we want to thank Dr Yssennagger again for his time, as well as Saul, Harry and Mrs Terry from the NKS Medical Society for making such an event possible.
Charlester and Nickson Budha  year 10


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