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The candidates for Head Boy/Girl

By order of surname...
Ahmad Adedipe
A leader open to any suggestions. Improved connection between staff and students. Improved canteen options.
Ethan Castle
Better Sixth Form facilities  and greater opportunities. Changes  to End of school year, such  as a greater variety for 
Louis Miller
I believe that a head student shouldn't just be a phrase that gets put on a CV but rather someone that helps the school to develop and serves as a visible member of the school community. I hope, should you elect me, to take up this vision. I would like to increase the transparency of the head students and school council, so that you, the student body, can see what we have been pushing for in terms of changes/development. I would also like to increase the house spirit, especially for KS3 and KS4, as well as increasing lunchtime spaces and the number of extra-curricular activities on offer. For the 6th Form, I would like to improve the sixth form facilities, and potentially relax the uniform policy to a level which fits in more with the expectations of a modern day working environment. For the whole school, I would like to push for more eco-schemes, so that we can do our bit to help improve our planet for the enjoyment and benefit of our children and future generations. Vote for the person who will serve the school and strive to make realistic change. VOTE FOR LOUIS MILLER!!!
Emi Mulgrew 
I want to ensure your views are heard. I’m passionate about making our school a better place for all years to thrive.
I will improve the school by organising more events/clubs and by organising more sporting and charity events which all year groups can get involved with I would like to work on attracting more interesting lecturers/guests to  speak in assemblies for all years not just sixth form and make sure students views are fully represented to senior leadership staff.
I pride myself on my conduct within the school and the various events I have helped out with since I arrived here, I would like to open up more opportunities to younger years to demonstrate their dedication to the school and more recognition of students who consistently support the school and represent NKS well to the wider public.
James Rice
Do you want increased opportunities, better student-staff relations, more representation and a louder voice? Do you want to make a change? If you do, there's only one option: Vote Rice.
A Vote for Rice is a Vote for You.
A full manifesto can be requested by emailing ricej12@nks.kent.sch.uk
Alice Spackman-Smith
I stand for the students.  I aim to benefit  the  whole school by being attentive,  dedicated  and enthusiastic. 
My policies  are creating better places  to sit, more school trips  and reduction  in the price of canteen food.
Grace Thackray-Lewington
If you want someone that will put her heart and soul into everything she does, wants a happier and more eco-friendly school and believes in making a difference in your school, Vote for Grace Thackray Lewington as Head Girl. I want to make sure Year 7's find the transition from primary school smooth and make the year groups more connected, I want your ideas and suggestions to be heard, to make your school a better place for you.

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