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Microsoft Cloud Computing Workshop

We were delighted to host Jim Paine and Steve Leonard from Microsoft on Monday 10th December to provide our sixth form Computer Science students with a full day experience to enrich and explore the cutting edge of cloud computing technology.

Year 12 student, Lewes Barton wrote:

"Microsoft Azure is the leading cloud computing platform, used by companies such as HP, ASOS and the Kent Country Council, and we were given the invaluable opportunity to create and deploy our own websites into its global infrastructure.

"After receiving an introduction to the Azure portal and after gaining an understanding of how modern applications communicate between users and the backend on a large scale, we spent the day utilising Azure’s Cosmos database, search, storage and API management features to set up our application. We learnt how the use of microservices can allow hundreds of components to form a complete service (e.g. how websites like Amazon work). Afterwards, we created our own logic-apps which hooked into Twitter and Outlook’s APIs to search for new tweets on a specific hashtag and emailing the user whether the tweet’s sentiment was positive or negative. To determine this value, we were given the golden opportunity to use Microsoft’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

"Altogether the day gave us an immense practical experience and beneficial knowledge towards our studies. Thank you to Mr Sparrow, Mr Gowen and Microsoft’s team for putting together an enjoyable day!"

An extra-special thank you to our network team, Karl Crick and Kevin Robin, for working extremely hard to enable this event to take place - allowing us to do things that ordinarily wouldn't be possible on a school network.


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