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Students work on the set for the Marlowe Theatre Production of Romeo and Juliet

If you did not already know, over 20 of our students will be performing the first scene of Romeo and Juliet on the main stage of the Marlowe Theatre on March 20th 2019.

On Thursday 13th December, 20 of our students  went to the Marlowe Kit, a new space owned by the Marlowe Theatre, with myself and Mrs Rowland to help with the design of the set for the production.  In the first hour, students took part in a Drama workshop to introduce them to the ideas behind the production and in the second hour, they worked alongside Rebecca Morton, the set designer, painting the set and masks that will be used in the show.  Rebecca works in Film and Television as well as the Theatre and she was very impressed with our students, to the extent that she would like 4 of them to help her dress the set before the actual production.

I will be providing regular updates from rehearsals so you can follow our progress as we head towards the big night in March.  Rehearsals will begin properly after Christmans and later in January we will be joined by a professional director from the Marlowe, who will be working with myself and the actors. 

More photos on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/nortonknatchbull/


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