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Year 5 Open Evening 2019

Yesterday, during the open evening, we had a surprise speaker, Mr Ben Greene, the next headteacher. He did not start first, students did. This was no accident as this "students first" attitude was reflected throughout his speech. the message was clear... Students are the heart and soul of NKS. For those of you who missed it, here is how Mr Greene ended his speech:

"Finally, let me recap what we are about.  Firstly, we are a caring community – this informs all aspects of school life; in particular a belief in the value and potential of every individual student; a school which develops that potential academically, to get the best possible results for your child, where development opportunities truly excel – in and beyond the classroom - a school where outstanding behaviour, respect for self, each other and our environment, and zero tolerance of bullying are central.  In short, yes, your son will achieve his potential academically here, but you will also benefit both from the all-embracing care and sense of value and belonging, and from the fantastic range of extra-curricular opportunities which Norton Knatchbull offers, because it springs from the core of our beliefs about education and young people. 

We hope that you will engage with us in something meaningful.

Something that we believe is aspirational, challenging and excellent - and we will continue to work, day-in day-out, so that it continues to be so, NOT for the Local Authority, Ofsted or League Tables, but FOR the moral purpose of providing an outstanding and holistic education for each and every one of your sons"

In doing so together we will lay the most solid of foundations for their lives. We will know that our time together at Norton Knatchbull has been well spent, that it mattered, and that what we did made a difference."

You will also find the presentation slides on the website under letter home. Here is the direct link:



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