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Careers and Enterprise

Careers at The Norton Knatchbull

 Vision statement

At The Norton Knatchbull School, we aim to educate our young people about the world of work, providing them with the information and guidance required to enable them to make informed life choices. We inspire and challenge them to make a positive contribution to not only our school community but beyond and into their adult life.

Measuring Impact

Our careers programme forms a 7-year journey starting in Year 7. This means that our students have the potential to draw upon 7 years of bespoke guidance in careers education through our personal development program, employer engagement, careers advise delivered via by our fully qualified in house careers advisor and much, much more. 

We use Compass+, a tool from The Careers & Enterprise Company, to benchmark, manage, track and report on our careers programme. This then allows us to assess the impact of our provision and make enhancements where required. All our students keep records of interactions and career planning through their Unifrog account, which they access throughout the school year during lessons and as part of dedicated personal development lessons.

Evaluations are also completed throughout the year following key events such as Work Experience and Mock Interview. This is to allow for any changes to be made both internally and externally. 

Key Stage 3 

In Year 7 -  Students start the journey into Careers and Enterprise education at NKS with the introduction to Unifrog, Information is covered during dedicated lessons within personal development lessons throughout Term 6. Students will learn and develop skills around self-awareness, what it means by the term Career and finally set goals for the future. This in turn supports their aspirations and plans beyond post 16 & post 18.  

In Year 8  - Students focus on option choices for GCSE and participate in a range of activities. All lessons are delivered as part of the personal development curriculum and help guide and support subject choices. Students also begin to build their profile on Unifrog to look at their key skills and potential career paths from their GCSE options. Parents and Students are invited to attend an open evening and have the opportunity for a 1-2-1 with Mrs Vernon if requested from Term 3 onwards. Students will also complete an external resource called Morrisby Careers to strengthen their decisions for GCSE.  

In Year 9 -   Students revisit and enhance the online programme Morrisby careers to embed and create targets for achieving to their future career aspirations.  Using Unifrog, students can start to explore career paths in greater detail and understand the importance of labour market information alongside the skills and qualifications required.  They can explore further pathways to include A Level, university, apprenticeship and or employment post 16/18.  

Key Stage 4

In Year 10 -  Personal development career lessons focus on CV writing and interview techniques. These skills help build towards a Mock Interview that takes place in Term 4. All students are invited to attend a Mock Interview with an outside business representative and gain feedback from the process.  Using Unifrog they start to explore possible routes for work experience which is completed at the very end of Year 10. Allocated time is given during the summer term to visit and complete a placement of work experience. All students are supported with gaining these placements by Mrs Vernon, form tutors, HOY and the SSM. Students are expected to secure their own placements with support from Mrs Vernon and provide the school with relevant paperwork to ensure that H&S measures are in place. 

In Year 11  - All students are invited to attend a 1-2-1 bespoke career guidance meeting with our qualified careers' advisor. Parents are welcome to be part of the process and will be contacted during term 1. During the 1-2-1, a careers action plan is put into place. Students are encouraged to see Mrs Vernon as and when required throughout Year 11. Any student undecided about their future career path will be offered The Morrisby Profile. This is an online profiling tool used to establish strengths, weaknesses and their suitability to different careers related to their chosen pathway. The Morrisby profile is completed with Mrs Vernon, who is a fully trained provider. Students will also use Unifrog to build subject knowledge and explore options such as A Levels, apprenticeships and or alternative training post 16 and beyond. Again, this will be carried out through lessons in personal development. Students are supported in school and will have access to the online platform Kent Choices to enable them to explore providers. They will also be invited to an open evening during Terms 3/4.



Key Stage 5

In the Sixth Form  - The Careers Lead is available to offer bespoke advice and guidance with university options, apprenticeship opportunities and or employment post 18.  

Students in Year 12 - Are invited to attend a Careers Convention and have access to a number of external providers. This will be held in Term 4 alongside a Next Steps Focus Day to help explore university offers and alternatives. All students are invited to attend dedicated careers talks held here at school using Alumni and local/regional businesses.

Year 12 and 13 - Will have an opportunity to complete work experience either during the year using dedicated time slots or enrichment time on a Wednesday afternoon.  We also offer a compulsory week during Term 4 and the expectation is that all students within Year 12 use this opportunity to find a work placement related to their chosen career path. Mrs Vernon is on hand to offer placement suggestions and support with applications. Paperwork is required to ensure all placements meet the H&S regulations and school requirements.  


All students at Norton Knatchbull have access to attend careers talks given by Alumni and business contacts.  We also offer bespoke talks linked to our societies.  


Mrs Vernon our fully qualified Careers Lead is available Monday - Friday 8.30am – 3.30pm to offer advice and guidance and support with the many opportunities both inside and outside of school. 

Careers Leader: Heather Vernon 
tel: 01233 620045 ext. 230