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Things done well make the best memories

Sir Norton Knatchbull - 1637

Exam Information 2023/2024

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Exams Results and Exam Seasons

There are two exam seasons:

November 2023: 6th November to 15th November

Summer 2024: 13th May - 25th June


November 2023: 11th January 

Summer 2024 GCE (A Levels): 15th August

Summer 2024 GCSE: 22nd August

Examination results can be collected from 8:30 am to 10 am in the main School Hall.

Exam Timetables

November 2023

University Entrance Assessment



PPE (Mocks) Timetables

Yr 11 PPE Timetable

Yr 13 PPE Timetable

Yr 11 PPE Timetable (second round)

Yr 13 PPE Timetable (second round)

Yr 12 PPE Timetable

Yr 10 PPE Timetable

Contingency Days