Benefactorum Recordatio Jucundissima Est

Things done well make the best memories

Sir Norton Knatchbull - 1637

NKS Community

As a part of our mission statement, community is very important to us here at The Norton Knatchbull School.  At NKS we celebrate diversity as part of our community and, as a result our young people are able to make informed and positive life choices.   They leave NKS equipped to face the challenges of a fast-changing, competitive and increasingly global environment.

In this section you will see the history of our house system as well as what our library can offer the community in school.  

All students who join Norton Knatchbull School are allocated to one of the seven houses.  

The House system offers many opportunities for pupils of all ages to show initiative and responsibility, and to develop skills in academic work, sport, art, debate, drama, music and other fields.  The most successful House will be that which learns best to work as a team and to develop leaders who will emerge as effective House Captains and Prefects.  A wide range of sporting and cultural events and competitions occur through the school year, which should give most members of the House an opportunity to make a contribution in some way.  The organisation of the House teams and participation is lead by the House Captain, Prefects and others as needed, working through the House Forms and House Council Meetings and with the assistance of the Form Tutors.

Each House is headed up by their House Captain who is also supported by a team of Prefects. Each form group has a prefect to help organise teams and encourage participation in all events.

House Assemblies are held each term to advertise events and to keep students informed as to how their House is getting on.