Benefactorum Recordatio Jucundissima Est

Things done well make the best memories

Sir Norton Knatchbull - 1637

Our Staff

Norton Knatchbull has a dedicated team of staff aiming to positively impact our the learning of our students. All our staff look to provide opportunities and experiences that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Senior Leadership Team  
Mr B Greene Headteacher
Dr J Gowen Deputy Head Teacher
Mr R Hoyte Assistant Head Teacher
Mr S Messenger Assistant Head Teacher
Miss S Neale Assistant Head Teacher
Mr R Scarr Assistant Head Teacher
Mr T Sparrow Assistant Head Teacher
Teaching and Support Staff  
Mr R Adams Student Support Manager, Year 8
Mr P Aird Site Manager
Mrs C Anderson Teacher, Design & Technology
Mrs T Baldwin Sixth Form Study Support Supervisor
Mr A Barnes Teacher, Geography & Head of Year 12
Mr G Benwell Teacher, PE
Mrs R Berridge Teacher, English
Mrs A Bird Subject Leader of Mathematics
Mrs E Blunt Personal Assistant to Headteacher
Mrs J Bond Teacher, Design & Technology and Head of Year 13
Mrs S Bottomley LSA/Counsellor
Ms S Burton Subject Leader of English
Mr S Carnell Teacher, Business Studies
Miss A Carney Sixth Form Pastoral Manager
Mr G Carter Teacher, Physics
Mr W Chalkley Teacher, English
Mr A Chernyshov Subject Leader of Personal Development
Miss L Chittenden Senior Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Clark Subject Leader of Biology
Mrs C Condon Administration Assistant
Mr N Cotton Teacher, Mathematics
Miss H Cox Teacher, Science
Mrs R Craig Teacher, Design & Technology
Mr J Cunningham Science Technician
Mrs E Dance Student Support Manager, Year 10
Mrs M Dearden Office Manager
Mr M Dickenson Subject Leader of Economics
Mr J Downs Learning Support Assistant
Mrs E Dryland Teacher, Geography  
Mr S Drysdale Site Team
Miss C Duncalf Subject Leader of Chemistry
Mrs C Dunton HR Officer
Mr J Du Plooy Teacher, Biology & Head of Year 10
Mrs M Eldridge Teacher, Computing
Mr O Elford Study Support Supervisor with First Aid
Miss P Engley Teacher, Science
Miss K Estcourt Teacher, English
Mr R Farrell Teacher, PE & Head of Year 11
Mr P Found Subject Leader of RE/PSHCE/Classics
Mrs E Freear Subject Leader of Design & Technology
Mr P Gallantree Subject Leader of Geography/Professional Mentor
Mr S Ghale Teacher, PE
Mr D Gooch Subject Leader of Drama
Dr J Gowen Deputy Headteacher/Teacher, Science
Mr M Gowen Subject Leader of Computing
Mr R Gray Subject Leader of History/Politics
Mr B Greene Headteacher/Teacher, History
Mr M Hammond Teacher, Mathematics
Mr J Hancock Study Support Supervisor/Mathematics
Miss C Herbet Teacher, Humanities
Miss S Himsley Teacher, Science
Mr J Hodgkins Assistant Network Manager
Mx J Hodgson Senior Learning Support Assistant
Miss V Hogben Science Technician
Mr R Hoyte Assistant Head Teacher/Teacher, PE & Geography
Mr A Hunt Chemistry, Science Co-ordinator/Subject Leader of Physics
Mr K Igglesden Teacher, PE & Study Support Supervisor
Miss Z Jackson Art/Design Technician
Mr J Johns Teacher, Art
Mrs J Knott Librarian
Mr S Knott Assistant Finance Officer
Mr L Lamb Student Support Manager, Year 9
Mr D Leavey Site Team
Mr A Leonard Subject Leader of PE/Sports Studies
Miss A Lilley Finance Officer
Mrs A Linbourn Teacher, Mathematics
Mrs S Lunn Attendance Officer
Mr L Maidens Teacher, Science
Mrs J Makin MIS and Data Manager
Mrs  V Martin Finance Manager and Chief Financial Officer 
Ms M Maurez French Language Assistant
Mr S Maytum Teacher, Mathematics/Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator
Mr P McGinn Teacher, Mathematics & Computer Science
Miss R McKenzie Teacher, Science
Mr D Medina Subject Leader of French & Spanish
Miss L Megaw Teacher, Psychology
Mrs L Messenger Teacher, Mathematics
Mr S Messenger Assistant Head Teacher/Head of Sixth Form/Teacher, Geography
Mr W Mills Teacher, Science, EPQ Co-Ordinator
Miss S Neale Assistant Head Teacher/Teacher, Design & Technology
Dr P O'Connor Teacher, PHSE/RE
Mrs S Parsonage Student Support Hub Manager, Year 7
Mrs C Patch Teacher, English
Mr J Pirie Study Support Supervisor
Mr C Potts Senior Learning Support Assistant
Mr C Pratt Teacher, Music
Mrs H Prytherch Administration Assistant
Mrs H Pugh Subject Leader of German
Miss K Beatty Design Technician
Mrs Z Rew Study Support Supervisor
Mr K Robin Network Manager
Ms L Robinson Subject Leader of Psychology and Sociology
Mr C Rojas Teacher, Spanish
Mrs E Rope Science Technician
Mrs K Rowell Student Receptionist/Principal First Aider
Mrs B Rowlands Subject Leader of Art
Mrs L Sardo Receptionist & Administration Assistant
Mr R Scarr Assistant Head Teacher/Teacher, English
Mrs E Seccombe Admissions/Examinations Officer
Mrs L Seed Governance and Compliance Professional
Mrs S Sheikh Senior Learning Support Assistant, AEN
Mr A Sheldrake Teacher, Mathematics
Mrs S Shellock-Wells Teacher, Science
Mrs S Silvester Teacher, English
Mr T Snare Teacher, History & Head of Year 8
Miss S Somerville Student Support Manager, Year 11
Mr T Sparrow Assistant Head Teacher/Teacher, Computer Science
Mr I Stainer Site Staff
Mrs H Summers Teacher of Science
Mr J Tarchalski IT Technician
Ms V Tardieux Teacher, French & Assistant Head of Languages
Mrs F Thomas Teacher, Mathematics
Mr S Thomas Subject Leader of Music
Mrs N Thompson Lead Sixth Form Pastoral Manager
Mr W Trafford Teacher, History & Head of Year 7
Mr Turner Teacher, Design and Technology
Mrs S Turner Teacher, English &Head of Year 9
Mr P Uttin SEN Co-ordinator, AEN & Teacher, PE
Mrs H Vernon Careers Lead
Mrs C Whibley Study Support Supervisor & Spanish Language Assistant 
Mrs E Wilcox Study Support Supervisor & German Language Assistant 
Mr M Willis Finance Manager