Benefactorum Recordatio Jucundissima Est

Things done well make the best memories

Sir Norton Knatchbull - 1637


Trips and Visits at NKS 

At NKS, we are proud to offer a diverse range of trips and visits. Some of these trips are more locally based, others involve students embarking on extravagant trips to different continents. Regardless of the destination, the skills, and benefits that our students develop whilst experiencing these visits are truly invaluable. Many of our trips help to improve on confidence, self-esteem, and motivation in and out of school, while also giving them opportunities to visit destinations they might not otherwise be able to. Below is a list of just some of our regular trips that we run here at the Norton Knatchbull School: 

  • Rye, East Sussex  

  • National History Museum, London 

  • Dover Castle 

  • Chessington World of Adventures theme park 

  • Wildwood, Herne Bay 

  • Howletts zoo, Canterbury 

  • Canterbury Cathedral 

  • Harry Potter studios, Watford 

  • Pevensey Bay and Battle Abbey 

We also lead on yearly international trips to locations such as: 

  • Rome, Italy 

  • Paris, France, 

  • Southern Cataluña, Spain 

  • Skiing - Masella, Spain  

  • NEW TO THIS YEAR – Ecuador  

Parental Consent 

At times, we do operate more fun filled, adrenaline pumping, extreme activities which do have a higher element of risk, and therefore require more specific consideration. Therefore, at NKS when your son or daughter is invited on a trip like this, we will contact you directly, to seek permission to allow us to include your child on our trip. Please see below a list of the types of visits/activities that are not covered by the yearly consent procedure: 

Type of Visit Definition of Adventurous
  • Residential trips
  • Overseas visits (including expeditions)
  • Adventurous activities – see next column
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Expeditions
  • Other visits where the level of risk is similar to the visits listed above.



















  • All activities in ‘open country’ (hill walking, mountaineering, biking) or where it would take 30 minutes to reach an accessible road or refuge
  • Swimming (all forms except publicly life guarded pools)
  • Camping
  • Canoeing/ kayaking/ rafting/ Improvised rafting
  • Sailing/ windsurfing/ kite surfing/ use of powered safety or rescue craft
  • All other forms of boating (except commercial transport)
  • Water skiing
  • Snorkel and aqualung activities
  • Rock climbing (outdoor) and related mountaineering activities – river/gorge walking or scrambling
  • Coasteering/ coastal scrambling/ sea level traversing
  • Underground exploration
  • Off-site mountain biking and lowland trail riding
  • Road cycling (except as part of a ‘Bikeability’, cycling proficiency or similar programme)
  • Skiing, snowboarding and related activities (dry slope)
  • Air activities (excluding commercial flights)
  • Horse riding
  • Quad bikes, off road buggies
  • High level ropes courses
  • Water based sports
  • Adventurous activities with the armed services
  • Any other activities involving skills inherent in any of the above or that may contain similar level of risk to participants or staff.


If you have any queries and questions about a particular trip, then please contact our trip coordinator Mr Barnes